“Duck” Neon Sign


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If you need your own customized neon signs kindly email us the details at [email protected]. With our highly customizable neon signs, you can make a statement and set the tone for any space while achieving the mood you’ve always desired.

All our signs come waterproof and can be available in sizes between 10-80 inches in their longest possible length. Our signs are available in single color, multi-color, and moving-color options. Click Here to understand the multi-color and moving-color through a video


Made from long-lasting, durable and environmentally friendly LED strip enclosed in simulated neon rubber – the sign comes with a standard dimmer to change neon brightness and effects.


Here’s why to choose us over others:

-Our neon signs are resilient, durable, and highly customizable

-Producing it at a lower cost allows us to pass the savings along to our customers.

– It is better for the environment because it consumes much less energy to operate.

– It’s resilient and won’t break like acrylic neon signs during shipping and handling etc and is safe to touch as doesn’t produce massive heat like traditional glass neon

Our mission is to inspire and empower entrepreneurs, joy and aspiration for life through our items, so we put a priority on producing the best products at the best prices for our wonderful customers.’